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When you are working with Taxonomy and TermStore in a complex development environment with Dev, Test, Stage and Production farms, you will bump into

many hurdles that are listed below:

  • Content Type Hub needs to be synced up with newly created site columns and content types. This becomes an issue if site restore is difficult or not an option.
  • TermStores on each farm will have a different GUID, thereby breaking you site collections when you move across environments.
  • TermStore lacks an “export” feature.

This project offers power shell commands that simplify development process and streamline deployment.

The power shell commands uses web services internally and hence can be run on any desktop and not necessarily on a SharePoint server.

Cmdlet Description
Migrate-SiteColumns Syncs Site columns across farms and site collections
Migrate-SiteContentTypes Syncs Site Content Types across farms and site collections
Remove-SiteColumns Deletes the site columns from the destination site collection
Remove-SiteContentTypes Deletes the site content types from the destination site collection
Import-TermStore Copies TermStore termsets and terms
Update-TaxonomyFieldsWithSspId Updates the TermStore GUID so that the Taxonomy Fields are intact when a site collection is restored to a new farm or web application.

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